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Day Spa

Day Spa – Rest and recuperation on the historic estate

Enjoy a few hours of recovery and relaxation in our wonderfully bright Day Spa. The use of the gym and wellness area with whirlpools, solarium, steam bath and sauna are free of charge for hotel guests.
We would be happy to spoil you with facials, scrubs, aromatic baths, body wraps and relaxing or invigorating massages during an individual day of wellness.

After a busy day, our offers are a welcome source of true relaxation.
Please feel free to book your appointment on tel. +49 (0)6836 8070.

A harmonious body feeling and mental balance - can also be done when diagnosed with cancer and aids in recovery.

Primary care consultations provided by our balance oncological advisor Maria Engel (+49 (0)160 96210783)

Use of the sauna and steam bath included during your stay at the DAY SPA. Bathrobe, bath shoes and bath towels are available for you at the wellness centre.

Day Spa Treatments

Overview of the Day Spa offering

Use of the sauna and steam bath is included during your stay at the DAY SPA. Bath towel, bath shoes, and bath towels are available for you at the wellness centre.

Time for me
60 min. | € 64,00
  • Massage with aroma oils for the back

  • Short facial treatment

Introductory day
75 min. | € 79,00
  • Cleansing full-body exfoliation

  • Aroma bath

  • Facial exfoliation

  • Facial massage

Natural Lifting
120 min. | € 136,00
  • Honey full-body exfoliation massage

  • Body care wrap for lifting

  • Natural face lifting through the power of a Q10 oxygen face mask for beauty

Hydro-marin sea salt algae treatment
160 min. | € 176,00

Treatment using the sea’s rich active ingredients. Algae detoxes the organism and accelerates the rinsing of waste materials. Recommended when the body and soul are tired and exhausted.

  • Purification bath with sea salt

  • Hydro-marin body exfoliation

  • Ocean marin wrap (a small facial treatment during a rest period)

  • Full-body massage with the appropriate oils

  • includes a small “Linslerhof” salad

Relax Day
180 min. | € 184,00
  • Cleansing full-body exfoliation

  • Aroma massage bath with select, dreamy ethereal oils.

  • Fully-body detoxification and purification bath

  • Body care wrap

  • Facial cleansing and massage with an injection from a high-quality ampoule

  • Foot reflex zone massage with ethereal oils

  • relaxing and vitalising

  • includes a small “Linslerhof” salad


Overview of massage treatments

Relaxing back massage
30 min. | € 29,00
Bellabaci cup massage
30 min. | € 35,00

For the back, using the power of rosemary oil.

Ball massage – for the back
30 min. | € 35,00

Warm stainless-steel balls guide you to deep relaxation and help loosen tense muscles.

Hot stone massage
30 min. | € 35,00
Classic full-body massage
55 min. | € 59,00

Relaxing connective tissue massage

"Linslerhof" full-body massage
90 min. | € 79,00

Let yourself be enchanted into the world of relaxation with ethereal scents, warm oils, and enjoy well-being with the power of precious stones. Massage elements from various sources are combined into a seamless and relaxing massage, including the face.

60 min. | € 69,00

Ayurvedic wellness massage with warm sesame oil, relaxing – balancing.

80 min. | € 89,00

Includes final full-body exfoliation and steam bath to release toxins.

Foot reflex zone massage
55 min. | € 59,00

with aroma foot bath

Balinese massage
60 min. | € 69,00
Lomi Lomi Nui
60 min. | € 69,00
Herbal stamp massage
60 min. | € 79,00

Facial treatments

Overview of facial treatment offering

(all treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, mask and eyebrow plucking)

Side treatment
70 min. | € 75,00

Vitality and relaxation force for high-maintenance skin; new, exclusive treatment for demanding, dry skin.

Cellular treatment
70 min. | € 72,00

For a high degree of freshness and suppleness; the formula for modern anti-ageing.

Collagen fleece treatment with Aloe Vera
60 min. | € 62,00

Intensive treatment for dryness or for skin that is allergic or prone to impurities.

Anti-Couperose treatment
60 min. | € 65,00

For sensitive skin that tends to become couperose.

Oxygen Q10 treatment
60 min. | € 62,00
Classic short treatment
50 min. | € 55,00

Suitable for every skin type.

Professional treatment Relax for him
50 min. | € 55,00
Fruit acid treatment
30 min. | € 35,00

(from October to March only)

Includes moisturising ampoule


Overview of exfoliation offering

Full-body exfoliation with sea salt and algae
25 min. | € 30,00
Full-body exfoliation with ayurvedic gloves
25 min. | € 30,00
Full-body alpine exhilaration
20 min. | € 35,00
Full-body honey massage with exfoliation effect
40 min. | € 45,00

Many different wellness treatments

Overview of wellness treatments offerings

Dye eyebrows and/or eyelashes
  | ab € 9,00
Eyebrow correction
  | € 9,00
  | ab € 9,00