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Hunting & hunting schools

Learn to hunt at Linslerhof

The "Jagen Lernen JL GmbH" hunting school at Linslerhof pursues the goal of providing precise and thorough training as preparation for the hunter and falconer test.

Nowadays, hunting’s right to exist not only stems from tradition, history, or the legal situation, but it is also a necessity for preserving wild animals and nature. Expertise and professionality are the fundamental pillars of hunting’s future viability.

The hunting school offers a professional, educational and trained team of teachers at your disposal. The team of instructors provide you with specialised expertise and a commitment to in-depth knowledge.
The extraordinary women’s quota of over 30% during the latter half of 2015 is particularly worth mentioning.

For more information on the hunter and falconer schooling and our modern shooting range, which can also be booked by hotel guests, contact the hunting school’s desk at +49 (0)6836 - 807 300 or at