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What can I find where?

Worth knowing about the Romantik Hotel Linslerhof

Beer garden

The beer garden with lovely chestnut trees is located at the rear of the restaurant building.

Brigitte von Boch Living Outlet

Brigitte von Boch Living - here you will find high-quality fashion, accessories, and furniture at unbeatable prices. Coming from the hotel, the outlet is located on the right, right before the restaurant area.
Business Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Day Spa and Living
Wellness Linslerhof

The day spa is in the second story of the Galhau house and conveniently accessible with the lift. Changing rooms with lockers are available in sufficient quantity.

„Hubertus“ ballroom
Wellness Linslerhof

The „Hubertus“ ballroom is located across from the riding facility. It is the fourth door of the restaurant building when coming from the hotel.

„Marstall“ ballroom
Wellness Linslerhof

The „Marstall“ ballroom is located directly across the Galhau house.

Fittnessraum Linslerhof

The gym is located on the ground floor of the Galhau house. It can be accessed from the outside via its individual entrance or via the stairs from room 22.

Breakfast room
Frühstück Linslerhof

The breakfast room with terrace is located on the ground floor of the Galhau house, on the left side when coming from the front desk.

Hotel rooms
Deluxe Zimmer Linslerhof

The Linslerhof’s hotel rooms are divided among the Galhau house, the manor house, and the garden house. Should you wish for a house in particular, please inform us at the front desk. Three room categories can be booked in all houses: standard room, comfort room, and deluxe room.

Hunting school
Jagdschule Linslerhof

The hunting school's office is in the Galhau house. Training rooms are divided among the manor house, the courtyard, and the Galhau house.

Hochzeit Kapelle Linslerhof

Embedded between two 300-year-old lime trees lies a true jewel: the St. Antonius chapel. It has been a popular pilgrimage chapel since the 11th century. In addition, many lucky couples have tied the knot here for life.

Liegewiese Linslerhof

Loungers invite our guests to relax in the garden before the manor house, surrounded by lovely trees. Enjoy the peace, the view of the paddocks and the moment of contemplation!

Horseback riding and pony farm
Liegewiese Linslerhof

You can go horseback riding or pony riding with us by arrangement. The rendezvous point is either the front desk or directly at the riding facility.

„St. Antonius“ restaurant

"St. Antonius" offers sophisticated cuisine and is located across from the riding facility in the restaurant building. We strongly recommend reserving a table.

„Georgstube“ restaurant
Restaurant „Georgstube“

Home-style cooking is served at the "Georgstube", located in the restaurant building across from the riding facility. We recommend reserving a table.

Red salon
Roter Salon Linslerhof

The red salon with bar, located on the ground floor of the Galhau house, across from the front desk, is a place of tranquillity.

Conference rooms
Tagungsraum Linslerhof

The conference rooms are located at the end of the conference hall on the ground floor of the Galhau house.

The Linslerhof - location map

Total area of 330 hectares

  • 1 Galhau house (room 22 - 48)
    Reception, breakfast, red salon, day spa
  • 2 Hunting school
  • 3 Manor house (room 1 - 21)
  • 4 Garden house (room 49 - 63)
  • 5 "Georgstube" restaurant
  • 6 "St. Antonius" restaurant
  • 7 "Hubertus" ballroom
  • 8 Rose garden
  • 9 Beer garden
  • 10 Parking spaces restaurant
  • 11 Riding school
  • 14 Horse stables
  • 15 Hotel garden / Lawn
  • 16 Riding areas
  • 19 Underground shooting range
  • 20 "St. Antonius" chapel
  • 22 Hotel parking
  • 24 Pond
  • 26 "Marstall" ballroom
  • 27 Falconry
  • 28 Brigitte von Boch-Outlet
  • 29 Playground
  • 30 Circular walk "Wendallnusweg"